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Dear Dolphin Family,

The OCPS School Board met on Friday and voted to offer students three options to begin the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. As it stands today, July 20th, once parents vote for their choice it will be a commitment until January 2021.  I have expanded on some information about each choice to assist you in making your decision.  Parents are asked to make their choice by Friday, July 24, 2020.  If the district does not receive a submission by that date, students will be enrolled in face-to-face learning. 
I want you to be aware that there are funding implications that go along with each option.  I also want to let you know that there COULD be some dire financial consequences to Lake Whitney Elementary School.  Should families choose the Orange County Virtual option, Lake Whitney loses all funding tied to those students.  I, along with the district, strongly encourage our families to choose either face-to-face or Launch-Ed. 

Face to face – Students return to school on Friday, August 21st.  

Students and staff members will be required to follow CDC guidelines which includes wearing face masks at all times (except for lunch, water breaks, or if they are medically unable to do so).
Social distancing will be adhered to in all areas of the school including hallways, cafeteria, and playgrounds
Students will have limited or no access to mass areas which includes the media center, computer labs, and other non-classroom locations. 
No visitors or volunteers will be allowed in the classrooms.
Full funding remains with Lake Whitney.

Orange County Virtual School- OCVS is a completely different entity than Lake Whitney. Start date is determined by OCVS.

Students will attend school virtually taught by teachers employed through virtual school.
Students will have access to lessons in a flexible setting.
Virtual classes may be accessed 24/7.
Students will be withdrawn from Lake Whitney Elementary School.  
Lake Whitney will lose all funding.

Launch-Ed Model - Launch-Ed is an innovative option in which students work remotely from home while remaining enrolled at Lake Whitney.  

Instruction will be streamed by Lake Whitney Teachers and will mirror the regular school day.  
Students will follow their grade level schedule. 
Teachers will plan with face-to-face teachers to ensure consistency of lessons based upon grade level standards.
Full funding will remain with Lake Whitney.

I just wanted to make it abundantly clear that we could be in a catastrophic financial deficit should we lose funding as a result of students attending OCVS.  School personnel make up the large majority of school budgets.  Due to underfunding, teachers and staff members may lose their jobs at Lake Whitney.  That being said, when returning to school for everyone becomes the primary option families choose, we may not have the long standing teachers and staff members to welcome them back.   Once again, I strongly encourage our families to choose either face-to-face or Launch-Ed.

Elizabeth Prince, Ed.S.

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