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Mrs. Tambi Durham

Lake Whitney students participate in monthly classroom lessons where we focus on building and developing our character. Positive Attitude, Citizenship, Cooperation, Responsibility, Respect, Caring, Self-Discipline, Perseverance, and being Trustworthy are character traits we learn about in addition to understanding the importance of having a bully-free and safe school.

Every month, the teachers choose one student from their classroom who best represents the Character Trait of the Month. The nominated students are celebrated on the morning news and in the café during the Character Club recognition.

Ms. Tambi Durham
Professional School Counselor
407-877-8888 x3532225 or [email protected]

Child Safety Matters 5 Safety Rules: 1) Know What's Up, 2) Spot Red Flags, 3) Make a Move, 4) Talk It Up, 5) No Blame/No Shame5 Safety Rules

1) Know What's Up
2) Spot Red Flags
3) Make a Move
4) Talk It Up
5) No Blame/No Shame