Physical Education

Mrs. Leyva

Mrs. Leyva

Elementary Physical Education Programs and Waivers

The following is a summary of information from the Florida Department of Education regarding requirements for elementary physical education programs and waivers. Section 1003.455, Florida Statutes, was enacted to require 150 minutes each week of physical education for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. On any day during which physical education instruction is conducted, the amount of time must be at least 30 consecutive minutes. Students are eligible to waive the physical education requirement if they meet any of the following criteria:

1. The student is enrolled or required to enroll in remedial course.

2. The student's parent indicates in writing to the school that:

a. The parent requests that the student enroll in another course from among those offered as options by the school. These options are subject to availability at each school.


b. The student is participating in physical activities outside the school day (excluding school programs) which are equal to or in excess of the mandated requirement.