Battle of the Books

Dear Parents and Students,

The Battle of the Books is an academic, student team competition that is based on the books from this year’s Sunshine State Young Readers’ Award list.

I will host a qualifying round in the fall.  Based on the scores from the qualifying round, we will create a team of six students with five participants and one alternate.  

The students on the team will be expected to have read all fifteen of this year’s titles and practice with the team during the school year. AR tests are available for each title, and students must pass with 80% or higher. The questions that are asked during the battles will come from any and all of the books on the list.  

Our school team will complete mock battles during our practices.  Then we will compete in one of the six Learning Community Battles in April.  Winners from each Learning Community will compete to determine the district champion at a later date in May at the District Battle.

ANY student who reads all 15 books and takes the AR test will be able to attend a special celebration in May.  More information will be sent home regarding this event at a later date.

Books are available in our media center, the public library as well as local bookstores.  If there are any further questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected].  Happy Reading!

Nancy Dudek
Media Specialist