Accelerated Reader

Encourage your child to read through Accelerated Reader!
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a supplemental reading program designed to encourage students to read and is available to all 2nd-5th grade students at Lake Whitney Elementary. AR reinforces reading comprehension strategies and incentives are provided to encourage reading.  It is individualized to meet the specific needs of each student.

Accelerated Reader Rules
- Quizzes may only be taken in the library or in the classroom with the teacher’s permission.
- Students may only take quizzes on a book that they read or that someone has read to   them.
- Students may not take a quiz on a book which has been made into a movie unless they have read the book.  
- Students may not take tests for other students.
- Students may not discuss AR quizzes or answers with other students.
- Students must not reveal their password to anyone other than a parent or teacher.

When can my child take AR Tests?
The AR testing tool is available on all Lake Whitney computers.  It is up to the teacher to determine when tests can be taken in the classroom.  Students may also take tests in the Media Center before school from 8:20-8:40 or at home until 8:00pm.

How are incentives earned?
Every student will have 4 levels to achieve each semester.  Each grade level will have a different point goal assigned to each of the 4 levels.  As students earn more points, he/she graduates to a different level and will earn a prize upon completion.  Thursday mornings from 8:20-8:40 and Thursday afternoons from 2:15-2:45 will be designated “AR Point Club” prize times.  If a student has reached the level goal, students can come to the Media Center to redeem their prize for Levels 1-3.  Teachers must have initialed students’ goal sheets in order for prizes to be redeemed.

Accelerated Reader Point Club Incentives and Rewards
Students will earn the rewards shown below for reaching the point levels specific to each Grade Level.
Semester 1
Level 1:  Mystery Spin the Wheel Prize
Level 2:  Trinkets and Treasures
Level 3:  Sign Rockin’ Wall of Fame
Level 4:  Semester 1 Celebration
Semester 2

Level 1:  Mystery Spin the Wheel Prize
Level 2:  Trinkets and Treasures
Level 3:  Sign Rockin’ Wall of Fame
Level 4:  Semester 2 Celebration

Does my child have to answer every question correctly to get points?
To get the full amount of points available for that book, all questions must be correct.  However, partial credit will be awarded for answering most of the questions correctly.  Students will need to score 80% or greater for points to count toward the AR Point Club goals.   

Is it okay to help my child?
Reading together is always encouraged!  Primary students may have help reading the questions, but they must choose correct answers on their own.  

How can you check your child’s progress?
Parents are able to login to Renaissance Home Connect using your child’s username and password to see the results of all the quizzes your child has taken in AR. This information can help ensure students are reading books at the appropriate level or if they need to select more challenging books to stretch their thinking.  You can also sign up for notifications and receive emails when your child completes quizzes.

Thank you to PTO for sponsoring Lake Whitney Elementary’s Accelerated Reader Program. Thank you to all the parents and volunteers who support and help make Accelerated Reader a success and encourage students to become lifelong readers!